Danilo Ermejo

 @DaniloFITrader (twitter)

  • Trading on Football Index since 2017 (3 years experience)
  • A current ROI of 300%+ (percentage gain on Football Index)
  • Profits of £130K+ to date

What do you provide to Football Trading?

I know the product and the market dynamics in and out, it can be overwhelming and doesn’t necessarily make sense at first but it has its logic and patterns which create opportunities.

What strategies will you be sharing?

There are various ways to profit and make money, long, medium and short term, I personally like to spread the risk and chase every avenue, I have a core set of players in my long and medium term and like to have a few short term punts which can be very profitable.

What is some quick advice you would give newbies?

Players just like stock’s can be great long term assets or may have ideal entry and exit points. I have bought and sold the same players several times when I thought their potential returns were not very attractive at that moment in time or when the outlook was more favourable. It’s all about weighing up the possibilities and the opportunities.

Christopher Walsh

@FIaddict (Twitter)

  • Trading Football Index since September 2017 (3 years experience)
  • A current ROI of 290%+ (percentage gain on Football Index)
  • Profits of £55k+ to date

What type of football trader are you? (appreciation, dividends)

A mixture of 80% long term and 20% short term to fund long term additions

What you’re looking to bring to football trading?

I hope to educate new traders to not make the mistakes I have. To stimulate healthy debate which is rare on social platforms in regards to the football index and finally to highlight the amazing product it is.

What are you most excited about?

I’m looking forward to being a part of this newly born community, sharing my knowledge and expertise and hopefully helping some of you navigating through the Football Index. Volatility tends to be high especially in certain parts of the market however we all know volatility brings opportunities!