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Comprehensive Educational Resources

Made for football stock market beginners & strategies for advanced traders.

Football Stock Market Daily Analysis

Provided directly to your smartphone device, highlighting potential future prosperous trades!

Weekly Football Market Breakdowns

Weekly football stock market videos from experts analysing the markets & finding potential opportunities.

Daily Football Trade Tips

Exact trades you can follow from expert football market analysis.

Football Trading Community

Be a part of the largest online football trading community.

Football Trading Education Centre

Our educational resources have been developed specifically for football stock market beginners. The resources take you from the very beginning e.g. what is the football stock market, all the way up to teaching you exclusive football trading strategies to help you conquer the football stock market. More importantly, we believe in practical education, meaning that new educational resources are constantly added and applied practically to the current market conditions.

Expert Football Trade Tips

Our football trade tips are created by our team of inhouse expert football traders who have been studying & trading the football stock market since its creation. We have partnered with Football Index to find the best football traders in the world to supply our football trade tips! When a trade tip is sent out, you will receive the trade tip, a take profit and stop loss level as well as the comprehensive analysis as to why our experts are taking the trade. So in essence, you can have the same portfolio and make the same returns as our football trading experts are!

Football Stock Market Breakdown Videos

Our market breakdown videos are provided by our in house expert football traders. We look into our current positions and portfolio based on the trade tips sent out, as well as analysing the markets to spot up and coming opportunities based on the future fixtures and potential performance of players. In addition, we keep you up to date with football index announcement such as dividends, player rankings & IPO’s.

Largest Football Trading Community

As a member of football trading, you will join the world’s largest football stock market community where you can network, share ideas and discuss all things football trading with other football traders in your position!