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Buy and sell shares in footballers & use them to enter fantasy contests to win major cash prizes.

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Educational Videos.

Learn everything there is to know about Footstock in our educational videos section. From beginners guides to strategy videos, become a pro Footstock player with our free course below.


Market Recaps.

Keep up to date with everything Footstock by reading our weekly market recap blogs. From market updates to fixture analysis, we’ve got your weekly Footstock fix handled. View our most recent market recaps below.

Ben Hearn - content creator

15:13 01/03/2021

Footstock Market Summary | 1st March

Market recap | 1st of March This week we saw the monthly monster contest which is always an exciting weekend on Footstock. 600+ entries fighting over a £15,000 prize pool. As it stands I’m currently in 1st place with one game to go but I am being chased by dozens of entries w...Read more

Market recap | 1st of March This week we saw the monthly monster contest which ...Read more

Ben Hearn - content creator

16:12 19/02/2021

Footstock Market Summary

In this first blog, I will give a market summary of the last year on Footstock in as succinct a way as possible. It has been a rollercoaster!  In April last year covid struck and football was stopped across the world. Footstock reacted quickly and pushed forward their plans on ...Read more

In this first blog, I will give a market summary of the last year on Footstock in as succinct a way as possible. It ha...Read more

Trading Analysis.

See what players our experts are collecting & learn about potential competition kings by viewing our trading analysis blogs below.

James Maddison


Maddison's price has dropped from the already low £7 mark to nearer £5 due to his short-term injury. Injuries are a great chance to get bargains on Footstock and this is a prime example.

14:56 01/03/2021

Kevin De Bruyne


Kevin De Bruyne has just dropped down from Legendary to Epic which creates the strange dynamic that he is now actually more useful! Now can be used in the Silver contests and wiith the High roller con..more

14:50 01/03/2021

Adama Traore


Adama Traore showed just what he can do in the last game with 12 successful dribbles. When Traore is on form he is a cheat code. Having been as high as £60 at peak his price has plenty of room for gr..more

14:43 01/03/2021

Jack Grealish


This week dropped in price due to him missing the weekend game, Grealish was one that I already considered underpriced. One of the best players on the game due to his dribbling ability and his improve..more

16:11 19/02/2021

Cristiano Ronaldo


With Juventus needing to beat Porto expect a short term rise before the next fixture. He will likely drop again if they fail to win but he will rise again for the Euros.

15:40 19/02/2021

Pedro Neto


Neto is proving to be a brilliant Footstock player. He has as a really high base (points scored without goals and assists) and is only 20 years old. One for the short and long term.

15:31 19/02/2021

Ilkay Gundogan


In the January Monster Gundogan rose from under £1 to over £10 in the two weeks leading up to it. He's settled at around £5 now but should see a nice rise for the February Monster.

15:25 19/02/2021

Fixture Planning.

The Footstock competition prizes are insane! Our weekly fixture planning videos will help you successfully assemble your team for the weekly competitions. View our most recent fixture planning video below.



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