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How you can win money with your football knowledge in 2021.

In recent years, multiple platforms have launched and created a new, improved football betting model, where you’re always in the game & having great football knowledge really can pay. You can trade player cards in football players, earn dividends on your players performances, cash in on collectibles & play monetised fantasy football games to generate money every week.

And this is why we created Football Trading. Football Trading provides free education, tips, tricks, strategy videos, market breakdowns, updates, player analysis, tournament blogs, community rooms, access to expert football traders & much much more for the leading platforms in this space. All of this free content will help you master the art of football trading so you can start monetising your football knowledge.

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Football Trading Platforms.

Global fantasy football. Collect limited edition digital collectables, manage your team & enter tournaments to win prizes.


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How we help you monetise your football knowledge.

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